Today marks the date of the first public announcement of rndlabs.

rndlabs aims to become a digital incubator where contributors collaborate to experiment and build open-source, peer to peer tools that deliver solutions to ubiquitious, real-world problems.

Our first item on the agenda is building a service exchange protocol (SEP) empowering people to build decentralized service marketplaces like Uber, Airbnb, Deliveroo, Evenbrite etc.

The goal is for SEP to enable developers to build blockchain-secured, consumer-anonymous, peer-to-peer service marketplaces for the following structures:

  1. Service delivery at a fixed address (e.g. a hotel or barber)
  2. Service delivery between two or more known, fixed addresses (e.g. trains or flights)
  3. Service delivery between two or more random addresses (e.g. ride-hailing or food delivery)

To do that SEP has three main components:

  • messaging; enabling buyers and sellers to communicate with each other.
  • storage; allowing buyers and sellers to store data.
  • settlement; allowing buyers and sellers to settle payments.

The goal is to have each of these layers be as decentralized as possible as well as have the necessary packages and implementations to run on a simple smartphone. That is why we are currently building SEP using:

Our forecast is that within the next year we could have a service marketplace like Uber using SEP.

To get there however, a lot of work needs to be done to make sure we can run on a simple smartphone. That is why we are currently taking on some useful grants in the ecosystems mentioned above and contributing to public goods in general.

In an effort to not be overly prescriptive from the start, a lot of rndlabs is still open for contribution and discussion. If you wish to know more or contribute we'd recommend: